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Pre-Inspection Briefing

Absence of Schedule 1 Chemicals

  • If Schedule 1 Chemicals are present on-site, include explanation
  • If no Schedule 1 Chemicals are present
    • Point out the absence of Schedule 1 indicators during site tour and inspections
      • lack of precursors of Schedule 1 Chemicals
      • proximity of plant site to residential areas
      • routine personal protective equipment used on-site
      • materials of construction
      • medical facilities not prepared to respond to Schedule 1 exposures
      • etc.

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One of the general inspection aims applicable to all types of industrial CWC inspections is the verification of the absence of Schedule 1 chemicals on the plant site. Although it is not required that you address this aim in the pre-inspection briefing, some general statements regarding the overall safety and health aspects of your plant site may enable the inspection team to more efficiently fulfill this inspection aim. Although verifying or proving the absence of Schedule 1 chemicals is difficult because it essentially is an attempt to prove a negative, pointing out the absence of certain types of equipment and safety features provides confidence that the plant site is not geared to support such types of hazardous operations.

For example, Schedule 1 activities normally would require some type of special security features above the level typically associated with standard industry operations. Also, Schedule 1 activities normally will require higher degrees of human/chemical separation (i.e., Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus suits, negative pressure rooms, etc.) not normally associated with the majority of day-to-day chemical operations. By demonstrating that these features are not present at your facility (or if they are present, explaining why) will help the inspection team in achieving its aim of verifying the absence of Schedule 1 activities.

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Note: If would like additional information call BIS at 202-482-1001.

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