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Pre-Inspection Briefing

Definition of a Plant Site to be Inspected

  • Define declared plant(s) & plant site
    • Use maps, charts, diagrams, as appropriate
  • Outline common infrastructure (warehouse, utitlities, waste disposal, etc)
  • Identify PSF production plant(s)

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To geographically orient and inform the inspectors, it is helpful to identify major elements, operations, areas and buildings within your fence line, and the boundary of the declared plant site whether or not coterminous with your fence line. See "Lessons Learned from Industry Inspections" for discussion of plant site delineation.

It is recommended that any site diagrams be handled as a separate document from the PIB. This provides the plant site and the host team better control over such documents during inspection activities.

Click to Download 1 the Interactive PIB PowerPoint Presentation template.

Note: If would like additional information call BIS at 202-482-1001.

1 PowerPoint iconRequires Microsoft PowerPoint software.

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